Treasurer’s Report

Report to the Annual Stated Meeting September 2021

At the beginning of 2020 the bank balance stood at £17900.  Ring-fenced within this amount was a bequest of £5000 from the Chisholm family for a sound system for Glenelg church.  Over the course of the year, just under £4000 of this bequest was spent and £1000 remained at year end when the bank balance stood at just over £7000.  Much of the decline in our funds can be put down to the closure of our churches during the Covid lockdowns of that year.  Whilst plate collection disappeared for much of the year, routine expenses such as electricity and insurance remained.  However, over the summer months, many in the congregation opted to keep on contributing by giving through Direct Debit or Standing Order and for this I am eternally grateful.  It meant that I had a bit more money to keep the boat afloat!

Work on the Manse at Inverinate continued throughout the year, though some difficulty was experienced in releasing funds from the Consolidated Fabric Fund to keep on top of the programme of work.  By the end of the year most of the building was complete, with only some internal finishing and the construction of decking and a garage outstanding.

The Manse in Kyle remains under sale, though there has been some interest from potential buyers.  At the end of the year, one buyer had been in touch with the legal department at 121 and a bid was under review. As the bid was under the asking price, the General Trustees sought the approval of the Congregational Board before agreeing the sale.  This approval was submitted towards the end of the year.

We continued to pay COOL £50 per month as the Board consider this an important part of our outreach into the community.

Our largest outgoing is our Ministry and Mission payments.  At year end we owed £5000, but plans were being put in place to have a Special Collection to clear this amount early in 2021.

It was definitely a year with a difference, and we can only hope that we will continue to move forward positively and begin to flourish again.  We will always need extra money to modernize and update our buildings and equipment and I hope we are all happy that this work goes ahead in our congregation.

C J Will


7 Oct 21