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Notice is hereby given that this congregation of Glenelg, Kintail and Lochalsh has elected Reverend Frederick Wilson Vincent to be our new minister and a Call to the said Reverend Frederick Wilson Vincent has been prepared. This Call will lie in Lochalsh Church of Scotland on 30 May 21 and 6 Jun 21 between 1030 and 1200. During that time any person whose name is on the Electoral Register of the congregation may sign the Call in person or by means of a mandate. If a mandate is to be used, the relevant form may be obtained from the Session Clerk. A paper of Concurrence will also be available for signature by any person who is connected with the congregation but whose name is not on the Electoral Register of the congregation. Children are also welcome to add their names to this paper.

 Rev Rory MacLeod – Interim Moderator