Sun 12 Jan 20

Please join us for tea/coffee in the church hall after the service today

Prayer Meeting will resum3 on Wednesday 15 Jan at 7pm and weekly therefater – all welcome.

Saturday 1 Feb – Men’s Prayer Breakfast – Kyle Church Hall @ 8am

Please let Morag Macleod know of anyone who is ill or in hospital so that she might send a card on behalf of the congregation (534794)

Remember the Lending Library in the church hall.  Happy reading!

Please collect used postage stamps and pop them into bag hanging in vestibule – Thank you

There is a CD player and CDs of sermons by Rev Prof A T B McGowan available for anyone who cannot get to church and who would like to listen to them

Anyone willing to support Jade MacLean financially during her stay in Glasgow while she undergoes her treatment please contact Heather Grimmer at h.grimmer@btopenworld.com  or 566714

Please let one of the Elders know if anyone needs a visit

Our locum preacher Mr. John Lamont can be contacted on:- 01445 731388 (Home) or 07714 720753 (Mobile)